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Polygon’s newsletter will make your weekends even better

Never scroll endlessly through Netflix again

Graphic with purple background and “Patch Notes” written in glitchy text Image: Polygon

Polygon is launching a newsletter with a mission: You should never have to scroll through streaming services, skim over Metacritic, or swipe through your social media feeds to decide what to watch, play, or read next. Because every minute you burn scrubbing over Netflix is a minute you could have spent enjoying a new Gaming News, Video Game Reviews, and Game Guides on Switch or discovering Ranking of Kings, an early contender for anime of the year.

We’re calling the newsletter Patch Notes and here’s how it works: Each Friday, we’ll share our favorite new movies, video Gaming News, Video Game Reviews, and Game Guidess, television shows, comics, anime, manga, and tabletop RPGs. We’ll also include a link to a new free Gaming News, Video Game Reviews, and Game Guides and curate some of our favorite recent stories on Polygon, including reviews, explainers, and guides so you can make the most of your weekend’s entertainment. Best of all, it’s free.

Our first issue of Patch Notes will hit inboxes on Friday, March 4. I’ll be penning the first few issues, but in the coming months, a variety of Polygon writers and editors will be your tour guides, illuminating the dark, twisted tunnels of media.

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