A Combined Naval RESM, ELINT, CESM, COMINT and SIGINT System

To effectively take care of modern day dangers, the commander of a naval boat demands a system which provides him an effective communications and radar hazard profile at close real time. Better still, obviously, is if this system simplicity and may offer surveillance, together with flexibility causing the decrease in the job of intellect operators. That’s precisely exactly what the MAIGRET S 5800 combined naval RESM, ELINT, CESM, COMINT and SIGINT system could provide.

This program joins RADAR ESM and COMMS ESM inputs at the frequency assortment of 10 kHz to 40 GHz, together with all the radar and communications sign data intelligence data being fused to one strategic EW database. On a polar screen and/or a map screen, an overview of the situation could be displayed with this information. Additionally, special hazard warning filters are employed to classify the signs. The result of the activity of those filters is the load of this intelligence operator is reduced making the system a automatic surveillance system.

Data Recording and Analysis

All gathered data can be listed along with a shore-based, post mission analysis instrument can be obtained for assessing offline the information recorded from various vessels. As was mentioned previously, the machine also has the capacity of supplying prolonged roles, for example electronic intelligence (ELINT), communications intelligence (COMINT) and signal intelligence (SIGINT). It’s a wideband digital reception procedure, that’s the crux of this RESM that lets it double as an ELINT system.

Taking COMMS ESM and RADAR ESM consequently, the former features a frequency assortment of 10 kHz to 3000 MHz, attributes azimuth selective wideband hunt and occupancy detection, and electronic map screen. The frequency assortment of the RADAR ESM, however, extends from two to 18 GHz using all the capacity of extending it as low as 0.5 GHz as large as 40 GHz. With this particular purpose MAIGRET S 5800 provides a one-mast antenna alternative with an outstanding sensitivity and posture precision. Figure 1 shows the joint antenna range for radar and COMMS signals. Additional important capabilities include automatic emitter action detection, information loss by emitter monitoring, automatic emitter-type classification, manual sign analysis as well as the monitoring of 512 emitters concurrently.
The machine has an ELINT capacity mode with higher sensitivity (greater than –80 dBm), extensive data collection, such as intra-pulse parameters without any degradation of wideband attributes while amassing ELINT data. Figure 2 displays an analysis screen for your module and Figure 3 the pulse train investigation screen, to illustrate the performance.

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