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The beloved, bucolic My Summer Vacation series breaks free from Japan

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight’s main cast and lore, explained

The biggest questions we have for The Sandman season 2

Why is the new Predator movie only on Hulu?

‘Please don’t do it’: Everything Neil Gaiman has said about adapting Sandman through the years

The Nuzlocke Challenge is a time-honored tradition that makes Pokémon way harder

Everything to know about Netflix’s The Sandman before watching

How did a film about Marilyn Monroe end up as Netflix’s first NC-17 release?

Secret area found in Nier: Automata either an amazing discovery or an elaborate prank

Nope’s Gordy segments (and that weird shoe) are packed with meaning

The inspirations behind the monster in Nope

Why Little Miss characters are everywhere

Some of Nope’s enigmas are better left unsolved

Everything we know about Namor, Black Panther 2’s supposed new villain

Here’s why the next big update for Genshin Impact is such a big deal

Convert your old media into art to honor your memories

Everything you need to know about Genshin Impact’s Fatui Harbingers 

Figuring out what makes a god in the MCU so Gorr the God Butcher doesn’t have to

The questions we still have after Thor: Love and Thunder

Marvel Comics already has a roadmap for Jane Foster after Thor: Love and Thunder

Everything Stranger Things has revealed about the Upside Down so far

Who dies in Stranger Things 4?

Ms. Marvel lets the hero (and the viewer) actually explore the concept of djinn

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Everything we know about Dune 2

Red Dagger is Marvel Comics’ foremost Pakistani superhero

The Umbrella Academy’s Hotel Oblivion is way cooler in the comics

We watched Westworld season 3 so you don’t have to

League of Legends’ new champion Bel’Veth comes with an ocean of lore

Ms. Marvel’s real origin story was too embarrassing for the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Star Wars fans’ favorite character, Glup Shitto, is back in the spotlight

Everything Stranger Things has revealed about Eleven’s past so far

Our biggest questions heading into Stranger Things 4 part 2

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