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Tabletop Games

D&D’s newest push is into classrooms around the world

Magnus Carlsen accuses Hans Niemann of cheating, chess saga continues

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The quest to save KeyForge, the first procedurally generated collectible card game

The Richard Garfield-designed CCG hasn’t produced a new deck in years

Warcrow Adventures, from the team behind Infinity, rethinks how dungeon crawlers work

Virtual tabletops can make playing RPGs even harder. One More Multiverse wants to fix that

There are two clear contenders for the best board game of 2022

Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive is getting a tabletop RPG

The ‘cheating’ scandal tearing the chess community apart, explained

The high price of Disney Lorcana cards is a good sign for fans of collectible card games

VFX house recreates D&D game with same sort of virtual sets used in The Mandalorian

What has Disney Lorcana borrowed from Magic, Pokémon, Gwent, and Hearthstone?

Elden Ring board game on the way from Dark Souls, Resident Evil board game publisher

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is getting a Pandemic board game spinoff

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Can AI art democratize tabletop game publishing?

Indigenous RPG Coyote & Crow is a hit, and a new anthology of adventures is on the way

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The future of tabletop games is digital

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How the first decade of actual play has defined the template

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Board games are the throwback we want to carry forward

D&D publisher requests injunction against competitor, citing ‘blatantly racist and transphobic’ content

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How to end a tabletop campaign with karaoke

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The Magic Pro Tour is back after four years with some controversial changes

Warhammer 40K’s latest legend improves one of Magic’s oldest cards

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The future of tabletop

We look at all the ways your favorite tabletop games are evolving

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Long live the friendly local tabletop game store

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The fork in the road facing third-party tabletop RPGs

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Queer tabletop games are having a moment

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Tabletop designers are making players cry, and working to keep them safe

Critical Role reaches a grim new milestone in the latest episode of Campaign 3

The first cards for Lorcana, Disney’s answer to Magic: The Gathering, are spectacular

Luke Gygax, son of Gary Gygax, is building a new role-playing game with the rules of D&D

Congratulations to Monty Python fans, there is finally an RPG for you

Dungeons & Dragons publisher apologizes for racist content in Spelljammer

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