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Genshin Impact gets in on the biggest trend of this (or any) year: card games

A Gwent by any other name

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D&D’s Amazon Cyber Monday sale includes the biggest discounts of the year

Includes classics like Curse of Strahd, the best Critical Role books, and a pre-order for the Dragonlance reboot

Cyber Monday board game deals: Amazon cuts hundreds of titles up to 75%

Star Wars board games and miniatures get Cyber Monday deals on Amazon

Black Friday board game deals: Hasbro’s best new titles go on sale, plus some old classics

Target has deep Black Friday discounts on board games and the D&D starter set

The 5 best party board games

Did an NFL linebacker really give up football for Pokémon cards?

A word of caution on the new D&D campaign, Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen

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After 35 years painting minis, Chris Clayton wins it all at the UK Golden Demon 2022

How he built and painted the jaw-dropping miniature

The best D&D gift ideas for fans, players, and Dungeon Masters

Tabletop creators are trapped in a boom and bust crowdfunding cycle

Scrabble finally acknowledges ‘stan’ is a real word

The Walking Dead shambles to tabletop with new RPG and AMC-led actual play series

The 5 best campaign board games

Hasbro fails to reboot Heroscape, so the game will be shelved indefinitely

Playing Nazi Germany against Soviet Russia is a tough sell in the year of our lord 2022

Batman slaps and Thanos snaps in HeroClix’s new line of miniature memes

Hasbro’s squeezing Magic: The Gathering players for too much money, big bank warns

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Flesh and Blood, MTG’s upstart competitor, has found strength in community

James White, the Magic: The Gathering pro turned entrepreneur, on the new TCG taking the world by storm

D&D will use cultural consultants to prevent racist content in all of its books

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Tabletop, card game retailers join the game industry’s burgeoning union push

In Wisconsin and Washington, tabletop workers are unionizing

Star Wars: Shatterpoint is a new miniatures skirmish game from the makers of Legion, X-Wing

Cyberpunk 2077’s Edgerunners setting coming to Cyberpunk tabletop game

Which version of the new D&D Dragonlance campaign should you buy?

D&D’s Dragonlance board game isn’t a spinoff, it’s part of the story

The Wordle board game is a joyless, lazy knockoff of the hit digital game

Star Wars: The Deckbuilding Game could rule the galaxy of 2-player card games

Your D&D character deserves an upgrade, this new wood and leather folio could be it

Slay the Spire’s board game adaptation was funded in just 6 minutes

The Last of Us board game is a punishing, monochromatic roguelike

Jurassic World’s immersive new board game splices in the best parts of the movie’s DNA

The D&D movie’s first bit of merch is kinda weird, but we’re here for it

Magic’s Brothers’ War brings huge, multi-card monsters into play with revised meld mechanic

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